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SodaBlasting is an amazing technology that has been used in the US for many years, it was initially designed by Soda Blast Systems in 1941 to provide a safe and non destructive method to clean almost any hard surface. It was used to clean the Statue of Liberty in 1972 and was brought to the UK over 20 years ago.

The possibilities are endless when you start to think where Soda Blasting can help... recent projects include work on an ex RAF control tower filmed for The Restoration Man, blast cleaning Ford classic car parts, a hardwood frame for a Grand Designs home, cleaning on a 12m high stainless steel water tank and cleaning boat parts and a hull at the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Soda Blast Cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning technology that mixes food grade Bicarbonate of Soda (or as we know it, baking Soda) with high volume but low pressure compressed air. Creating a way to perform cleaning to almost any surface without causing any damage or degradation to the original surface, soda is only 2 times harder than talcum powder you can clean paint from a glass surface without damage and clean many other surfaces too. You really have to see it working to believe it (see our Soda Blast videos page)

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Baking Soda is used in many foods, bread, cakes, toothpastes medicines etc and is a non-toxic water soluble soft substance. ECO Pressure Clean chose the system from Soda Blast Systems UK as it offers a non-abrasive, safe and environmentally friendly option to clean and remove graffiti, paint, oil, grease, dirt etc and many other contaminants without any causing damage to the original surface that needs blast cleaned. Projects include graffiti removal, engine blast cleaning and anti foul paint removal on boats. Soda Blast Systems units can also be run wet or dry with water being added at the head end to help control dust etc. This system adds to our ECO cleaning capabilities and fills in where water pressure cleaning is not always the best option or where it simply cannot cope. And Soda is water soluable so after cleaning it just rinses away.

Use it for paint removal cleaning and restoring garden furniture, aeroplanes, aluminium parts, engines, wheels, motorcycle frames, car parts, steel parts, car bodies and framework. For antifoul boat cleaning in Scotland

Soda Cleaning has rivals like; grit blasting or sand blasting but Soda Blast Cleaning does not cause abrasion, sparking or any heat build up to the surfaces being cleaned - so it can be a much cleaner and safer option.

How does Soda Blasting Work?
When mixed with clean dry high volume but low pressure air soda impacts surfaces around 600mph, the soft soda crystals explode and their energy is released - removing only the surface contaminants in a very controllable manner.
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With our professional set-up we can change both the pressure and soda flow - we can strip single layers of paint one at a time. Other blasting styles can causing irreparable damage, Soda it also has no effect on glass, rubber etc so stripping down is not always required.

Blast cleaning with Soda will also remove dirt, oil and absorbs smells - one use is to clean fire damaged buildings where the soda cleans and removes the soot and smoke damage plus that burnt fire smell.

The Blast Generator is the Difference


Unlike conventional gravity fed equipment, SodaBlast Systems’ design differs in that it is non-plugging with constant abrasive discharge and positive abrasive control. The cross-section view in this diagram reflects the principal operation.

The compressed air passes through the air inlet nozzle into the outlet pipe causing a venturi type action to draw the abrasive into the air stream (like sucking through a straw).

This design does NOT require soda flow adjustment at the nozzle in contrast with bottom fed blast pots. This air/abrasive mixture is then forcibly discharged from the machine. The result is a constant & uniform abrasive discharge with non-plugging performance.

SODA BLASTING removes virtually any surface coating or contaminate from almost any material without caustic chemicals, damaging solvents, heat, or toxic or explosive fumes making Soda Blasting safe for a great deal of applications.

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