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Anti-fouling paint or hull protective coat paint is a specialised coating that gets applied to the hull of a yacht, boat or ship in order to slow the growth of organisms that would otherwise attach and live on the hull. This growth affects both a vessel's performance and durability. Hull barrier coatings may have other benefits other than providing an antifoul solution, acting as a barrier against corrosion on metal hulls and improving the speed through water e.g. the efficiency - saving you time and fuel.

Anti Foul coatings last for years but do need to be recoated from time to time and a new coating is best applied to a clean hull. Various methods can be used to remove anti-fouling sanding, scraping, chemical and sanding. Our soda blast cleaning system give a better finish, is quicker and is ECO Friendly. We use it wet or dry to minimise dust and debris plus we fully tent the area being cleaned.

Removing epoxy hull coatings such as VC Tar takes great time and effort using manual methods, applying chemicals can be risky but soda blasting is an ECO friendly solution which is in comparison is removed relatively quickly. As soda is water soluable the hull is ready for a new coat of anti foul after a wash down.

SodaBlasting is an amazing technology that has been used in the US for many years, it was initially designed by Soda Blast Systems to provide a safe and non destructive method to clean the Statue of Liberty in 1972 and was brought to the UK around 7 years ago.

Soda Blast Cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning technology that mixes food grade Bicarbonate of Soda (or as we know it, baking Soda) with high volume low pressure compressed air. Creating a way to perform cleaning to almost any surface without causing any damage or degradation to the original surface, soda is only 2 times harder than talcum powder. We use it to remove anti foul coatings from yachts and boats.

How does Soda Blasting Work?
When mixed with clean dry high volume but low pressure air soda impacts surfaces around 600mph, the soft soda crystals explode and their energy is released - removing only the surface contaminants in a very controllable manner.
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With our professional set-up we can change both the pressure and soda flow - we can strip single layers of paint one at a time. Other blasting styles can causing irreparable damage, Soda it also has no effect on glass, rubber etc so stripping down is not always required.

Blast cleaning with Soda will also remove dirt, oil and absorbs smells - one use is to clean fire damaged buildings where the soda cleans and removes the soot and smoke damage plus that burnt fire smell.

SODA BLASTING removes virtually any surface coating or contaminate from almost any material without caustic chemicals, damaging solvents, heat, or toxic or explosive fumes making Soda Blasting safe for a great deal of applications.

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