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ECO Pressure Clean are proud to be working with Soda Blast Systems UK offering an ECO friendly mobile Soda Blast Clean Service from Edinburgh that provides coverage across Scotland.

Soda Blasting is an amazing technology that has been used in the US for many years initially designed to provide a safe and non destructive method to clean the Statue of Liberty in 1972 and brought to the UK 7 years ago.

Soda Blast cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning technology that mixes food grade Bicarbonate of Soda (or as we know it, baking Soda) with compressed air creating a way to perform cleaning to almost any surface without causing any damage or degradation to the original surface. You have to see it working to believe it (see the video page)

Baking Soda is used in many foods, toothpastes etc and is a non-toxic water soluble soft substance. ECO chose the system from Soda Blast Systems UK as it offers a non-abrasive, safe and environmentally friendly option to
clean and removing graffiti, paint, dirt, and many other contaminants without any causing damage to the original surface that needs blast cleaned. The possibilities are endless when you start to think where Soda Blasting can help.

Soda Cleaning has rivals like; grit blasting or sand blasting but soda cleaning does not cause abrasion, sparking or any heat build up to the surfaces being cleaned.

How does Soda Blasting Work?
When mixed with clean dry high volume low pressure air soda impacts surfaces at 600mph, the soft soda crystals explode and their energy is released removing only the surface contaminants in a very controllable manner. With a professional set-up you can even strip single layers off one at a time. Any other blasting style could remove the underlying media causing irreparable damage.

SODA BLASTING removes virtually any surfaces coating or contaminate from almost any material without caustic chemicals, damaging solvents, heat, or toxic or explosive fumes making Soda Blasting safe for a great deal of applications.
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